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artist & new business owner

My name is Neva Reardon and I have completely lost my mind!  I have decided at 63 to open a retail space.  Yikes!

With experience in retail and none in start up business, I have put on my boots and headed into the murky grounds of starting a business from the ground up.

First, I borrowed $$ and bought a building.  Borrowed more $$ and am in the process of making a dream come true or to cross off something on my bucket list.

The name of our business, as I have 2 unpaid employees - my daughters, Marin and Erin, is Mum & Me Mercantile, based on the fact, I am the mum and we also sell flowers.

Our mission is to find local and southern artists, who are talented, fun and make a difference in the world.

We have talked to so many nice and wonderful people who are living, doing exactly what they want, and are happy.  Do you realize how nice it is to talk to people who are happy and content?   And this is why I love artists.

The second group of artists are the entrepreneurs who have food, services, condiments, drink mixes, rices, candies, teas, soaps, lotions and personal products.  These folks have a produce and some are producing at home or with the help of family members.

It is so exciting as we start this American small business with American small business persons.  I try not to be political, but I am all American.  I believe in us and I believe in my fellow Americans and how hard we work, but what I love about Americans is the fact that we are inventive, survivalists, creative, honest, and human beings who care about each other.

So I will be sharing stories of my artists and posting photos for our August opening.  Stay tuned as life is about to get exciting!!

my photo coming soon!

New Business Owner

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